[Harp-L] Paddy Richter Tuning

The late FR Farrell is alleged to have said: "If you can't  fix your own
harmonica you can't afford to play one" I know what he meant, but somehow
cannot bring myself to attack a mouth organ with "extreme prejudice" except
as a last resort. Too many tinplate toys dismantled beyond repair in my
youth I guess.
At Willie Clancy last year I saw Rick Epping "Paddy Richterise" a harmonica
for one of the students in a matter of minutes with the minimum of equipment
so I know it can be done. (I have heard Ronald Chesney play The Flight of
the Bumble Bee on a C Chromatic, so I know that that can be done too
although I have never got much past the second bar!)
My weapon of choice for Irish music is a G Chromatic (Which I realise is a
very "cissie" way of getting the necessary notes)I am beginning to wonder
whether the Seydel 12 hole Solist -  solo tuned - might not be a more cost
effective alternative - if it was available in G and if I could only learn
how to bend?
Aongus Mac Cana

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