Re: Re: [Harp-L] Glenn's Paddy question

It's such a great tuning for other things though.  If you are 
primarily a single note player, having that unbent 2nd in the lower 
octave in 2nd position is great.  But it really helps when you move 
to 4th position, and have the tonic on an unbent note.  

I use Paddy Richter for just about everything.  I carry a set of 
these and a set of Melody Makers.  


David Payne wrote:
> Ben makes a great point there, it's so easy to do, I think about 
> any of us would do it. I think the only reason you don't see us 
> pushing them is because of demand. I've had few very few requests 
> for Irish, the only one I remember was somewhat ironic, cause the 
> guy's last name started with and O and an apostrophe.  Most of the 
> ones I've sold have been for people wanting a straight harp minor, 
> but say they have trouble with a regular minor harp and that was 
> on my suggestion. . 

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