RE: [Harp-L] 'moonshiner' movie with great harmonica soundtrack (was harp movies)

Dear list,

since this topic came up I wanted to ask you for the name of a movie I have
seen about 20 years ago. As far as I remember it's about moonshiners playing
cat and mouse with the police somewhere in the South. At the end of the
movie there was a car chase on country backroads and a (the?) sheriff drove
into a lake because he took the wrong branch-off.
I remember the great harmonica music in the background which helped to
increase the thrill of the action. 

Can anybody please tell me
a) the name of the movie?
b) the harmonica player who did the soundtrack?

Thanks in advance

Tom (Berne, CH)

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Roll On Columbia

I have not seen this movie.  However, I own the Woody Guthrie album "Dust
Bowl Ballads."  His harmonica work is exceptional.  There are other movies
about Woody Guthrie as well.  Any movie about Woody Guthrie would qualify as
a movie featuring an excellent harmonica player.


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