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Sonny, I just gotta say it  dude. I checked out the U Tube thing that was on 
the list yesterday, I think it  was, of you playin' with Rocky? (I'm not sure 
who it was) At first I was  thinkin' "I can play like that" and then I really 
listened. Your licks were very  solid, and the tone was killer coming from 
your amp. It seemed like it was a  little more amp than you really needed, but I 
understand you were trying it out  in a club setting. I found myself thinking 
about the licks later on in the  evening, so you really caught my attention. 
You can rip dude.
       I'm being honest here when I say this,  I need to quit comparing 
myself to the very fine players that put up video's  here and just listen. There's 
a bunch of us that can really rip here on this  list, and I aint too old to 
learn a thing or two, so it will behoove me to put  my ego aside and open my 
mind up to listen to players like you and some others  and cop your licks. That's 
right, I'm gonna cop your  licks                           
dude...............Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
          Thanx for the  inspiration 
              BiscuitBoy Blues
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SONNYTONE@xxxxxxx writes:

Check  out sonny jr on you tube, the Mean Woman blues will no play, my   
fiancee I am sure will fix that, but check out Sugar Ray Norcia's sick  tone 
instant phrasing. I had the vocal mic so certainly sounded  a lot different 
a real amp. It was just raw fun. Ray plays the  410 and no one makes it sound 
better. His precision and instant  variations IMO surpass him into the top 3 
the  world.


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