[Harp-L] impedance transformers

Hi   to  all!

I'm new here. I have a question about impedance transformer. Earlier I
use green bullet, but now I prefer vocal mike (Sennheiser e835, i like
it  more  than  popular  shure  sm57  and sm57, but i want to by audix
fireball later) and i plug it with impedance transformer to the set of
stompboxes:  Boss  PS3  Pitch  shifter - MXR Jimi hendrix fuzz (sounds
great  when  no  overdriven guitar in band) - EHX small stone phaser -
Ibanez  DE7 delay/echo - tube amp (russian produced copy of fender pro
jr)  and  the  secon output of PS3 to solid state amp (i even have two
different  small ss amps). Impedance transformer is very rare thing in
our  zone  - the only I found was soundking MCT-1 (CA321). 600 (XLR) -
50K  (6,3  jack).  So the problem was with fuzz and delay - the signal
from transformer overdrives the input of these stompboxes and input of
solid  state  amps (tube amps are OK). So fuzz sounded too dirty (even
with  "fuzz"  knob  all  way down, the way I usually use it) and delay
repeats  are  overdriven (squeezing digital overdrive) and solid state
amps  produce low buzzing when I play loud notes (not a constant buzz,
the  system  is  not  noisy  at  all).  I  put  a  smal resistor after
transformer and decrease the output of transformer, now fuzz and delay
are  OK.  But  I'm  still not glad with my solidstate amps - they buzz
when   I  play  loud  (i  suppose  it's  poweramp's  overdrive).  It's
interesting to me: is it common trouble (i've notice some of you using
Ibanez delay) and maybe I didn't noticed the better sollution.


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