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Seydel makes Paddys stock with the Session (plastic comb) and Favorite (aluminum). I also offer Paddy tuned on other Seydel and Hohner harps and my custom Seydels and Marine Bands. The cost is five bucks above the price of the harp on my stuff for the aftermarket Paddy tuning,l since it's not that hard to do. I know you like the Paddy's for fiddle tunes, I learned fiddle stuff from your book when I was a kid.
 I kind of like the Paddy as a minor-key harp, even though I usually play a spiral for minor stuff. (On the C harp), raising that G to A, also makes a nice seat for the Am scale. It's an all-around great concept that feels more natural for minor keys than a regular minor-tuned harp.  

For the newbies who might want to try to make a Paddy themselves out of an old harp, you tune the 3 blow up a full step. On a C harp, you raise the 3 blow from G to A. Also, for the newbies, if you want to hear some good Paddy Harp in action, check  out Charlie McCoy's "A Celtic Bridge: From Nashville to Dublin" available at  

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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Who's making/selling Paddy Richter in the US these days?

-Glenn Weiser
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