[Harp-L] Mel Lyman

The previous discussion about Thomas Hart Breton got me thinking about Mel Lyman. The relationship with Breton was that Mel married Benton's daughter Jessie Breton and together, they formed this controversial community in Boston called "The Limonites"
But aside from this Mel remained a controversial figure, not because of his playing but his writings and the "cult of personality" that still surrounds him.
I have heard his playing with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. He played  al lot of crossed and first playing. He kept with the rhythm and could play nice melodies like "Rock of Ages" but I never understood the excitement. He seem to be in the same place Tony Glover was in the early to mid-60's. 
There was no cult of personality around Gover and he did wrote the first blues harp instruction manual. 
Are there any other prospective about Lyman I am not aware of? I remember one conversation with the Late Bob Shatkin about him and he simply "spat on the floor" when he heard Mel Lyman's name. NO love lost between these men.

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