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Good Luck in Louisville....! I'm playin' a concert tonight in Roanoke
Rapids, NC......and playin' a harp duet with Steve Katz, one of "Blood Sweat
and Tears" and The Blues Project's founding fathers....Steve asked me to go
EZ on him.-)...he's not a heavy harper but came up with some tasty licks on
their well know hits.........we're both playin' harp in the show and he
sings his beautiful composition "Sometimes in Winter".

Robert Bonfiflio's Seminar:

I can't recommend Mr. Bonfiglio's for "casual" player....BUT, if your
itchin' to DIG in on the Chromatic after years of work on Diatonic...
THIS is the class for you....He takes the "mystery" out of this "beast with
a button",-)......YES he'll load you up with exercises and ammo....but he
presents it in a very HUMAN and FUN way.....BUT.. you gotta go home and put
in some time and it WILL come together!

(Just 2 cents from a satisfied customer.....thanx Robert)
Rob paparozzi

On 1/24/08 10:07 PM, "Robert Bonfiglio" <bon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So I have the Louisville Orchestra coming up next week and then my
> Palo Alto chromatic seminar for diatonic players on Feb 15 - 18.
> Anyone interested in the seminar, I still can fit about 5 players.
> If you come to the Louisville Orchestra, please come say hello; I do
> love to hear from fellow harmonica players.
> Harmonically yours,
> Robert Bonfiglio
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All the best,
Rob Paparozzi


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