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Hi Bill, unfortunately I can't attend this year, I'm staying home to look after our 2 year old son John Lee. 24 hours on a plane with a 2 year old from Melbourne to Memphis is too hard.


On 26/01/2008, at 9:26 AM, Bill Hines wrote:

Ian, will you be going to "support harmonica players' wives"? It would
be great to see you play again somewhere there, particularly at bob

margolin's jam session! It goes way late into the night and it would be
cool to see you up there with bob and the other a-list talent that is in
town for the big event. I'm still trying to finagle my way down there.
Got a hotel room on beal with my hilton points (hampton inn) but no ride
as of yet. Anyone up for a road trip? I saw some fantastic harp players
there last year.

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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If you have any time when you've finished cheering on the harmonica players, maybe you could go and cheer on harmonica players wives! My wife Suzannah Espie will be representing the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society this year, something I have done twice already. I am very proud, do go and say hi if you see her. She'll also be carrying some copies of my new CD Devil in the Woodpile, tracks can be heard here woodpile.htm


PS the name of the act is Miss Suzannah Espie and Big Boy Lemonade

On 25/01/2008, at 5:24 PM, Mike Bruce wrote:

Who on the list will be at the IBC this year?  I like
to hear and cheer on fellow harp players.

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