Re: [Harp-L] "Phrasing & Spacing" Thread

Aongus MacCana <amaccana@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Using the remark "If you gotta ask you will never know" as a put down to
learners it of course plain bad manners.
It does have its uses however - like when someone asks:
- "Why don't you learn to play a proper instrument?"

i heard the classic "is that all?" response to my saying i played harp for the first time, and from a newbie guitarist, at that. that's why it bugs me when harp players say things like "i'm not a musician, just a harp player". we get enough of this kind of things from other musicians, we don't need to do it to ourselves.

mind you, i don't mean to apply this to the recent spurt of
harp player jokes.  humor is a different thing, you know.

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