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I have an Imac and the quality is pretty good for video and audio. The issue is software. It works fine with yahoo messenger on the video side but i don't know about the audio. I have comcast high speed internet and phone service. The long distance is unlimited and the sound is superior to verizon. You could use the phone and the internet but there might be some lag time.

Emile Diggs D'Amico

>>> "Rob Paparozzi" <Chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 01/25/08 10:00 AM >>>

I use Skype for Harmonica Lessons on the Internet....I usually throw in an 
extra 15 minutes on top of the hour lessons to make up for any annoying 
disconnects...but it works FINE!
Rob Paparozzi

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> Does anybody ever use Skype for this? The call is free and if you can do 
> audio-only if you don't have a webcam--I'm not sure if the quality is good 
> enough to pull off lessons.
> -marc

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