[Harp-L] re: I-mic users unite

I have to admit I made an I-mic as well.  I used a spice bottle.  It looks a lot like a Bottle O' Blues.  I think that it might be the type of bottle they use making theirs.  I am sure mine is not as nicely made and it looks a little silly.  I have used to elements in it.  One was a dynamic capsule ordered from Mouser.  It is the element recommended in the second link below.  I managed to break that capsule when electrical tape stuck to the diaphragm (no jokes please).  I then ordered a cheapo crystal element off of Ebay.  The dynamic sounded much better.  It was actually a decent sounding mike to my ear (admittedly more tuned to guitar tones that harmonica . . . but the guitar sites are full of dorks).  The bottle fits well in my hand and is easy to cup.  I don't know if it worth making unless you enjoy that type of thing.  I suspect that the Bottle o' Blues is better sounding, so you may just buy that.  I believe it is still modestly priced.

Oh why not just put a link to the element . . . here it is

I am not affiliated with any of these companies or web sites or Bottle O' Blues or Harmonica playing with any degree of proficiency.
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