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With just a few keystrokes, I have located a source for anyone who is 
interested in CD copies of "Saturday Night at Tom Benton's" plus another CD titled 
"T.H. Benton American music" which are fiddle tunes (I don't know if they are 
played on harmonica). 

But it will take me about 3 weeks or more to get them. 

The 2 CDs are available from the American Music Research Center of the 
University of Colorado at Boulder. "The Guide to the Alan C. Buechner Collection"   
lists three tapes -- 2 for the Saturday Night recordings and a third for the 
American music.

The reason that it will probably take me three (3) weeks or more to get the 
CDs is that although the tapes have been converted to CD format (the hard part) 
but duplicating these CDs is not a priority at the library and it takes time 
to order the duplication, get someone to duplicate them and then mail them out

The tunes on "Saturday Night at Tom Benton's" are the folk songs Cindy, Old 
Joe Clark, Wayfaring Stranger and   two compositions by Edward Robinson:   Gay 
Head Dance and Chilmark Suite. CX: The last 2 tunes were spread over 3 sides. 
So the 6 sides means only 5 tunes.


      The cost of the 2 CD's of T. H. Benton music from the Alan Buechner
     Collection totals $30.00 including postage and handling.  Please make 
     check to American Music Research Center and mail it to me at the address

     Cassandra M. Volpe, Archivist
     American Music Research Center
     University of Colorado at Boulder
     Music Library, 288 UCB
     Boulder, Colo. 80309
     Phone: 303-735-1367
     FAX: 303-735-6220

 Hope this helps. Meanwhile, I've got to get a check in the mail.
Phil Lloyd

In a message dated 1/22/08 7:56:09 PM, turtlehill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Philharpn@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Thomas Hart Benton recorded a 78 rpm album consisting of 3 double-sided
> > 78 rpm discs titled  "Saturday Night at Tom Benton's" in the fall of
> > 1941. This means 6 tunes.
> >...
> >
> > To my knowledge, the album was only issued in the 78 rpm format. "Thomas
> > Hart Benton: An American Original by Henry Adams (Knopf, 1989) has a
> > postage-stop size b & w photo of the album cover which only lists the
> > performers, not the tunes. The caption says the project was a
> > three-record set. The fourth revised edition of "An Artist in American,"
> > Benton's autobiography was published in 1983 (Benton died in 1975 and
> > was involved in the 2nd and 3rd editions.)
> >
> Thanks for the detailed info, Phil.  I only have one comment: I am
> absolutely certain that this recording was reissued at some point as a
> 33 1/3 RPM LP disk.  I held a copy in my hands and played it on my home
> stereo, back in the day.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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