[Harp-L] Tubes

I have two harp amps ('70's Nomad Rebel and early 60's Alamo Fiesta), and I'm gonna get a new set of tubes to see how it affects their sound.   I know tone is in me not the amps, and that tubes are only part of the amp and the sound, but this is the part I am now assessing. 

The Alamo has a great crunch and the Nomad a deep growl.  (See mic specs below).

Both amps are super simple: The Alamo Fiesta Tremolo has volume, tone and tremolo (rate and intensity, I never use it), the Nomad only has master, vol., treble, mid and bass.   

First, what BRAND of tubes is best for a duplicate set? 

Second, what tube variations are recommended? 

 The Alamo Fiesta currently has: 
12AU6 Tung Sol
35C5    Tung Sol 
35W4     ? probly Tung Sol
12AV6   Delco

The Nomad Rebel has 4 tubes, 1 un-marked (!?) and 3 marked as follows: 

RCA CRC 6V6-GTY, next to the unmarked tube, probably a 6V6 per diagram
Ruby 12AX7 (ECC-83, a European model no.?)
GT 12AT7 Groove Tube

The unmarked tube is about the same size as the 6V6, in clear glass, a 4 and 2 pin with center post, inside the tube is a black vertical "canister" more oval than round, with what looks like a little halo-on-a-stick sticking out of the top of the canister.  Is my ingorance showin'?   I will assume it's a 6v6 unless otherwise advised.  

Thanks for any guidance!

-Dave Fertig

(ps: mic, by Tom "Frankenmic" Austin around 1992, is an early 1950's 707A Shure casing with mid-?70's R5D controlled magnetic cartridge, 22K parallel to ground resistor, 1 meg ohm Audio taper volume pot with 110 pf cap to retain glassiness when volume is rolled off, and 2200 pf cap with 5.11K  1% resistor for bite and overdrive, and EQ mix consistency at volume rolloff.) 

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