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Isn't it great how we all find our favorite land marks to phrase by. I've always been a frustrated rhythm player so I sometimes try to weave my playing into the groove and changes.

Other times, I'm using simple notes and sustains as underlines and punctation for the words being sung .

From Gary Popenoe

On Jan 22, 2008, at 2:50 PM, BiscuitBoy714@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm not very technical really, although I find that I do some of the things
that people talk about being technical. Phrasing is one of the things that I
find that I do without thinking of it being technical or not. As for the
silence in between the notes, I find it easier to listen to the drummer when I'm
leaving notes out like that. I'm a semi-decent drummer and it pleases me to
hear the drum beats like that anyway so when I'm playing I'm playing off of
what the bass player and the drummer are doing most of the time. There are
times when a person has to play harmony with what the guitar or keyboards are
doing and I do that, but I find it easier (esp. for the blues) to do my own
thing within the chord structure and timing.

Just me.

   Biscuitboy Blues

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IcemanLE@xxxxxxx writes:

As to spaces - learn to "Play" the silence as if it were a note rather than

a time that you kill until you get to start playing again.

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