[Harp-L] Rocket Number 9 on iTunes

I'm not sure why it took so long, but Jason Ricci's new album, Rocket Number
9, is finally available on iTunes.  You can easily search for it within the
program, or use this direct link (I think it will launch iTunes):


The good thing about iTunes is that you can buy individual songs if you
want, for a dollar each.  You can also buy the entire album for $10, which
is a few bucks less than at retail or even direct from Delta Groove's
website.  The disadvantage is that you won't get the awesome CD packaging,
but this is the cheapest legal way to get the album.  Last I heard, there
are still some special copies at the Delta Groove website that cost a few
bucks more but are signed by all four members of the band.

Jonathan Metts
Prairie Dog PR

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