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A number of years ago I spent a week trying to absorb some advanced harmonica 
techniques (without success -- but that's another story) and someone in group 
pointed out that several of the guys in the group worked at universities: the 
only place you can go nowadays to learn jazz is college.
Probably a lot of truth to that. turn on the radio and the only commercial 
jazz you hear is Smooth Jazz -- is that a trademark? I think it is a format.

Detroit still has an evening jazz program on weekdays 9 to midnight was WDET 
public radio and the Detroit Public Schools FM station that plays classical 
daytime and jazz evenings under the auspices of the Detroit public television 

Two stations in the city playing jazz might be more than many cities, but 
they're both public radio stations and most people don't pay any attention to 
public radio.

So if you can't find anybody to ask, check out your local college. Failing 
that, there's always Jamie Aebersold with his collection of playalong books/CDs 
and DVDs et cetera.

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> At 07:10 AM 1/22/2008, you wrote:
> >Some one correct me if I'm wrong but the story goes something like
> >this . Someone asked Louis Armstrong about about how he played jazz or
> >how to play jazz or something along those lines . He responded and I
> >paraphrase, "Man, if you gotta ask you'll never know ."
> I intend to join in the larger discussion, and I feel that the other
> paragraph Gary wrote is right on, but this quote would have to be among the
> most discouraging, and incorrect, pieces of information to tell most
> harmonica players.
> In fact, most people "gotta ask", and Harp-l is a forum where people "gotta
> ask" or they will not learn.  Armstrong, who may not have even spoken that
> quote, was not a teacher, he was a genius who didn't put much thought into
> explaining.  On the other hand, he had many, many teachers and said as much
> when recourning his personal history.
> Note to everyone who feels like they have not gotten to the musical place
> they want to get to: You Gotta Ask.  Almost every good musician I have ever
> played with stunk at first.  Then they got okay.  Then they got good.  Alot
> of it comes from working at it, but ALOT of it comes from asking people who
> already know.
> There are big issues that are hard or impossible to teach, but the idea
> that was presented in that quote is pure, unnecessary discouragement.  Ask
> ask ask.
> Ken
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