[Harp-L] Upcoming Releases

I came across a few sites with info about upcoming album releases, so I thought I'd share:
Due out in March:
Dennis Gruenling is putting out a "Tribute to Little Walter" album featuring "Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Steve Guyger, Rusty Zinn and more...". Check out the "Blues for Walter" teaser track on his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/gruenling
Son of Dave has a new album coming out in March, too. It's simply titled "Son of Dave 03"--haven't been able to fine out much about it other than where to preorder it:
Due out "Spring '08":
Carlos del Junco should have a new album out in the Spring.
Future releases:
Chris Michalek is working on a CD and I believe about 4 of the 11 expected tracks have been mastered. No details on release date.
Peace, love, and harpiness.
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