[Harp-L] Re:Chuck Gurney

I am sorry you two had a misunderstanding, but I would not endorse Chuck if  
he were not as honest as I know he is. I have sent him over 100 elements, and 
if  he says, it just can't be brought up, or the fine wire is broken and it is 
shot,  no matter what I paid I just say, keep it for parts. If he said it was 
low  z on the description I would believe him. If it was recent and you have 
the  item number, I would be happy to read it and email you offlist as how I 
would  have taken what he says. I have gotten elements at 1 ohm, dead in the  
water, with correct codes. When you see how intricate the Green Bullet site  
shows an element taken apart, that is what Chuck does if needed, cleans any  
rust, does what he can, and will give you an Honest answer as to whether it can  
work or not. The 99C is the most common low Z element, I have the transformers 
 from Shure that will make them exactly high Z like a strong CM. However, 
they  are a crapshoot, most are too sharp, but I have two that I just built for  
sale that are as strong with ridiculous tone that are as good as my strongest  
10/10 99h86 white label CR's, all from the 50's. 

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