[Harp-L] Ever have a harmonica stuck to your tongue? I just did

This is how you can tell it is cold in West Virginia right now. Long story short, I covered Jason RIcci's concert here in Parkersburg Friday for the newspaper (story is here: http://www.newsandsentinel.com/page/content.detail/id/501348.html?nav=5056) and I didn't have time to upload the Jason RIcci pics on the photo web site we've got. So, I go in at the paper around midnight tonight to upload those photos and turn my time sheet, which I forgot Saturday. Just before I left the house, I finished a custom job for myself, this really sweet old Marine Band. As I pull in, I put the Marine Band on the console. 
I didn't think I'd be there long, but it takes me about an hour of screwing around with these Fred Flintstone computers we've got to get the Jason Ricci photos uploaded. I come back out to the car, see the Marine Band and think, I'd love to hear one of those sweet IV Chord octaves, I put it up to my lips, tongue block the 2 and 3 holes, blow the octave and try to lift my tongue off for the I chord, but my tongue won't come off. I take my hand off the harp, just to see if it will dangle from my tongue by itself ---- and it does. First thing that came to mind was the flagpole scene in "A Christmas Story" I could go inside work and get it warmed up, but instead of subjecting myself as forever being known as the guy who came in with a harp stuck to his tongue, I just kind of pried it off. 

I don't know why I did that, I always warm harps up before I play. I guess we all make mistakes sometimes, it's just some mistakes make you feel more like a jackass than others. 

The Jason Ricci photos are at the link below. It was like taking pictures in a cave, the pics are dark, using natural light, ISA 1600 and above, ap 2.8, shutter 250, about the slowest shutter you can use on Jason cause he moves so much. 


Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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