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Pickles writes:

About 4 years ago upon the advise of this forum I made up an old  leather 
briefcase with modeling foam.  It was the kind used for hobbyists  of model 
soliders with the pull apart foam. I thought it was the greatest  thing.Well now I 
do not recommend it. .............snip................I'd like  to solve this 
hassle once & for all, I keep both mics in it also. Anyone  tried plastic, or 
..And I'll take my answer of the air.(To  much NPR)

  Shorty, I don't know what "modeling foam" is nor do i know what u  mean by 
NPR.  If u are suggesting that the replies be offlist, i would  respectfully 
disagree and ask for relevant replies to be  onlist.  
  Re good foam, i've been using a type which was just posted about  yesterday 
or day before yest., where, iirc, the poster send a URL to  see a pic of his 
harp case.  The case contained foam that looked  like the type i use.  It is 
grey and has proved durable for me (2  years so far, with a alot of usage).  I 
cut my harp holes out with an  exacto knife. 
  I wrote him asking about it and he replied it is available at  camera 
stores.  I think he called it "pluck and pick" foam.   I  thought i'd never forget 
it and didnt' write it down, but i have  forgotten.  sorry.  The important 
part is that it is available at  camera stores.  I spent a lot of time trying to 
retrieve this info  from the old posts, but coudn not find it, even in the 
archives.   I don't know why i can't find it.  

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