[Harp-L] Foam Blues

did you see the one here with the pipe insulation? that is better covered than foam and when it starts to go, it would be super cheap to just cut a new piece and replace the old one. i may eventually go that route myself.
Abq, NM
"About 4 years ago upon the advise of this forum I made up an old leather briefcase with modeling foam. It was the kind used for hobbyists ofmodel soliders with the pull apart foam. I thought it was the greatest thing.Well now I do not recommend it. When it ages it flakes & crumbles from inserting metal harps in & out all the time. I found flakes ina couple of my favorite 270's and stuck a cadillac Pete plastic case in for the moment.Of course this means my harps are on their sides, and that makes it hard to see the keys in a dark club & I don't want to fumble around squinting at keys like somebody's grandad! I prefer a vertical orientation.I'd like to solve this hassle once & for all, I keep both mics in it also. Anyone tried plastic, or cardboard?"

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