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Flatt and Scruggs also used a harmonica on "Nashville Cats."


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>>I want to compile an online discography of bluegrass CDs that feature 
>>harmonica. I know Bill Monroe used it in early lineups of his band, but 
>>are any of those recordings in print? Mike Stevens? Sara Cooke? Come in, 

I have a 3-CD set of "Flatt and Scruggs Classics",  36 cuts in all.  Of 
these, 7 employ harmonica.

I don't know if these all of these songs would qualify as "pure" bluegrass, 
but they employ bluegrass rhythms and the  other instruments are all 
stringed...no drums or wind instruments.

Memphis in F
Kansas City in C
Wabash Cannonball  in G
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone in G
Jackson in D


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