[Harp-L] Foam Blues

About 4 years ago upon the advise of this forum I made up an 
old leather briefcase with modeling foam.  It was the kind used for hobbyists of
model soliders with the pull apart foam. I thought it was the greatest thing.
 Well now I do not recommend it. 
When it ages it flakes & crumbles from inserting metal harps in & out all the time. I found flakes in
a couple of my favorite 270's and stuck a cadillac Pete plastic case in for the moment.
Of course this means my harps are on their sides, and that makes it hard to see the keys in a 
dark  club & I don't want to fumble around squinting at keys like somebody's grandad! 
I prefer a vertical orientation.
I'd like to solve this hassle once & for all, I keep both mics in it also. Anyone tried 
plastic, or cardboard?

..And I'll take my answer of the air.(To much NPR)

-Shorty Pickles

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