[Harp-L] Black CR

I have seen a number of posts praising Chuck Gurney's service.The most recent states that he 'takes the guesswork' out of buying elements on eBay.

My experience with this gentleman is that I purchesed a C.M harp mic element from him on eBay.When it arrived it was low impedance and so could not be used.I had checked the serial number-on the excellent Green Bullet site where it was listed-wrongly- as hi-z.
I sent a polite message expressing my surprise and rec'd the following reply.

" Hi Laurence, I am sorry you are not happy with the element. I did not describe it anywhere in my auction as a hi-z element. I showed a picture of the model number so everyone could see exactly what it was. I also put a much lower price than my usual price on it because it is not one of my Black label hi-z elements that I usually sell. I also have written in 2 places that if you have any questions about harp related items such as elements, to please e-mail me with any questions. Again Laurence, I am sorry you are unhappy, but I did list it honestly, correctly, and included pictures in the auction as well.
Thank you,
Chuck "

After further correspondence,in which I was obliged to become rather assertive Mr Gurney did offer a compromise but we failed to agree terms and I obtained a full refund under the PayPal dispute resolution system.
Others are apparently delighted with Mr.Gurney's service and I cast no aspersions and make no comment,

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