[Harp-L] Berhringer Sharc

 A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Behringer Sharc DSP 110 that I had won on Ebay.   I was hoping that it might help control feedback issues  with a hot JT 30 through any tube amp.   I gotta tell you...............The DSP 110 may work with other applications but please don't make the same mistake I made and buy one.   It was one of the most worthless pieces of equipment I've ever bought.   I spent an awful lot of time trying to dial it in and after much frustration called the Behringer tech guys and told them what I trying to achieve.   They told me that for my particular application that it would NEVER do what I was wanting it to do.  Well.........DUH.   I just wanted to hear it from them, I guess.  I just wanted to post about it so that somebody else ; who might be thinking of trying one for the reasons that I did; wouldn't have to go through the same ordeal that I did.
And .....while I'm on the subject of Antifeedback devices............I tried out a Kinder AFB that a friend has and  as soon as I got home sent John Kinder a check for his AFB box.  That box REALLY REALLY works. It should arrive just in time for my Tuesday night gig and I'll post my findings about it when I get through running it through it's paces. Reining in a harp players worst enemy (feedback) opens up a whole lot more amp selections.   Imagine a double 100 watt Marshall stack turned WAY up with minimal feedback.  Oh yea!!!!!
Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

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