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Jflash is right about is Webber Bassman that he built.   It kicks some serious ass.  We did a side by side taste test next to a Meteor amp and it was hard to tell which we liked better.  Fact is............we liked them both equally as well. I also got to test out his (totally stock) Stromberg Carlson Signet 22 PA amp.   Man..............that thing has got some serious tone and I'd consider myself lucky if I could find one in as good a shape as his.
The thing is about the Signet 22..................you don't have to do ANY mods or tweaking to have a killer harp amp.  The bottom line is that are a lot of great alternatives to spending thousands of dollars on "harp specific" boutique amps.  Don't get me wrong....there are a number of boutique harp amps that are awesome. I've made it a point to try to play through them all, although I've never got the chance to play through a 610 or a 410 HarpKing.  I know through talking with folks who have them thay are the sh-t even for small gigs.  Dennis Gruhnling  (sorry if I mispelled you name, Dennis) says that he plays through his 610 harpKing when he plays duos with his guitar player.  that's pretty impressive that you are able to get your "tone" at low volume with a 100 watt amp. I personally prefer lower wattage amps and have a few that are my favorites.   My point is................do like all the rest of us who are searching for their ultimate harp tone.  Listen to all your favorite players, try a bunch of different amps, mics, effects and see what works for YOU.  The fact is, you may not get the same tone as your favorite harp player just by playing through the same equipment.  The "tone" starts with YOU !  The search for the ultimate harp tone is a never ending one and it can be exspensive and frustrating. This list is an extremely helpfull tool for all us  players who are on that never ending search and the exchange of ideas and gear is invaluable.   I wish that there was something like this 30 years ago, when I got my obsession for playin'.
Power to the people --  Right on !
Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

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