Re: [Harp-L] overblows vs half valving

I play both OB/OD and half valved. I prefer half-valved. I find them more logical and flexible than OB/OD. In 2nd position, still my favorite, I can wail the minor third in the middle range (7 draw bend), something that doesn't sound nearly as good using 6OB.

But there are some down sides to valves. The valves are a pain in the ass, often getting stuck in the slot, rattling, etc. Since they are flimsy little plastic strips, they also get damaged easily. In addition, all the great custom harps out there seem to be for OB/OD. And then there is Saint Howard...

Anyway, as I have some fine Spiers customs on the way, I guess I will be playing lots more OB/OD.


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