Re: [Harp-L] Harp Rigs

"G. E. Popenoe" wrote:
<I've read all kinds of great blogs about killer amps set up for
<playing' the blues. If I had the bucks, I would have a whole <collection.
<Since I have to be extremely flexible as a side man for singer
<songwriters, I  need a rig that can cover a whole range of styles at
<any volume .
<I've long considered a mini PA approach. I've since run into some fine
<sax players who do the same thing.


For most gigs, including blues, rock, jazz, country, GB--in fact just about anything that requires a handheld mic--the Digitech RP200, an Audix Fireball V mic, and a single mono channel into the house PA is all I need.

Certainly there are rigs designed for single-purpose applications that produce better sounds for that purpose. I drool over Sonny Junior, Harpgear, and Meteor amps every time I play through one, just like everybody else.

But for an all-around rig that produces a wide range of tones that sound good in lots of different styles, it's hard to beat the price/performance ratio of a decent amp modeler like the RP, POD XT, Zoom G2, etc. One piece of gear, costing less than $200, the size and weight of a hardcover book, that provides everything from the sound of the amp to reverb, delay, pitch, and modulation effects? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Regards, RH

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