[Harp-L] Black CR

Hey Y'all,
Got my smokin' blackie from Chuck..aka..._fulobluz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
(mailto:fulobluz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)  the  other day. It's now living in my nice gray JT-30. 
This old black  beauty was going 150 mph even before it was installed. Very 
straight, clean  looking 99G86 is clocking in a bit over 1,400 ohms.  This 
element sounds soooo tough all across the register.  Chuck really goes the extra 
mile for us with these elements. Consider  the above when looking at these 
elements on ebay, etc. It's a crap shoot at  best. Now all the guess work has been 
taken care of by our comrade a' da  blues. Shoot 'em an email. It's my 
gratitude that compels me to write this. I'm  getting nothing for my words.
All the best to you my friends,
Mike McDermott

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