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Hurricane sez :

Just saw the new mac tower

- - WOW - - 

Dual processor with a 320 G HD ! Super Drive and 2 G of ram  , dual video outs  ( $2700.00 )  to name a few things it has . It can handle up to 3 tetra bites of HD .

They had the Mackie modular fire wire mixer system hooked to ( Mackie Control Universal Pro  ) it , and across the way from it was a video editing station Wow again for looks and function . They both sat on a table(s) that had an electric adjustment for hight talk about nice stuff . The Mackie has motorized fades and stuff , really a wild and state of the art system that rivals in quality of recording that of any big time studio .

The New OS does come with Garage Band and a nice video editor . I have Adobe Premiere and it's very compatible with this set up . I am thinking on this system in a combo with both the Mackie and the video station , the video has two small 4 inch color monitors that are really superb .

I am going to bug these guys ( at the Apple store ) till they are sick of me Smiley After I learn  what they offer and the price then it's :

" Bargaining time ! "

To see where I get the best price . You would think that the net has the best prices but - -

The Apple Store had the  Mackie Control Universal Pro priced @ $950.00 , one of the online store I purchase regularly from had it at $1,199.99 , that was a shocker for me !

Mean while ..

I'm having a ball with my Digitech 8 track Guitar DAW in the meantime doing recordings of acoustic guitars / vocals and such this week after the super Bowl . This DAW is cool , it's designed for the electric guitar primarily but , it is a great recorder for anything providing you have a really good mic(s) to record with . 8 tracks that can be bounced into one or two tracks to free up more recording on it .  I haven't tried recording with it hooked to my computer to record 4 tracks at once yet . I hope to try this out soon . The Digitech GNX4 DAW only does two tracks or recording at a time when you use it stand alone .

Anyways gang of gusty wind wankers easy .

Sincerely :
Hurricane Ramon

Aka :


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