[Harp-L] Harp Rigs

I've read all kinds of great blogs about killer amps set up for playing' the blues. If I had the bucks, I would have a whole collection.

Since I have to be extremely flexible as a side man for singer songwriters, I need a rig that can cover a whole range of styles at any volume .

I've long considered a mini PA approach. I've since run into some fine sax players who do the same thing.

The photo below is my evolving take on that Idea.

Equipment list:

JBL Eon 10 about $550( I've found it will punch through any wall of sound created by others. Add a second and you have a full PA. Set it on the floor and it is a personal monitor.)

Behinger Xenyx 1202 FX about $120 (affordable relatively clean and warm sounding mixer can handle a number of microphones for different styles. It has a pretty clean effects unit built in)

Yamaha SPX 90 (yeah I know, it's ancient but it still works fine for the occassional effect)

Presonus Comp 16 about $110 ( is an OK compressor that will do the job if you want to keep the price of the rig under $1,000. I put it between the mixer and the speaker)

Studio Projects VTB 1 V solidstate/tube preamp about $115 (just got it and I'm pleased. It will give a nice fat sound to a bullet mic when the tube portion is at full throttle. Dial it back to warm up your regular mics.For $20 you can buy a shelf that will hold 2 if you want more flexibilty. I plug the bullet mic straight into the front of the unit. It would make a good DI box on it's own. )

This rig would not be your first pick if your focus is to strictly play the blues on a bullet mic but if you play both chromatic and diatonic, something along these lines could do the trick. What I like is that it is endlessly upgradable as new technologies come out.

PS The drawer is the Raxxess economy drawer about $50. You might look at their velcro lined drawer for easy mounting of the mixer. It's about $30 more.

From Gary Popenoe

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