Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Bobby Darin blowin'

Maybe this gives a slightly better overall picture of Bobby Darin's  
skills...given that he was a bit older and it was one segment of his final  
performance before his death at age 37:
 singing "Bo Diddley" and playing some fill-ins on harmonica..among  other 
instrumental 'fills'.
As a 'fan' I don't honestly see what's so all-fired terrible....he's not  
exactly making the harmonica the entire focus of his act at that point. His  
singing always came first and that's what his fans were interested in...ALL they  
were interested in.  
Only since joining this list of harp experts have I now found out how  
'abysmal' a player was: Dylan, then Young, then Lennon, then Joel (some  others I've 
forgotten) and now Darin. Who knew? Frankly...I could have happily  lived 
without knowing how terrible they all were....
And then there's this:
Where Darin does the 'Work Song"...and damn, the boy sure could sing the  
Having had rheumatic heart fever as a kid..which eventually killed him (his  
body was too weak to recover from the open heart surgery he underwent  in 
1973)...maybe he felt those blues more than most? (see the link to his  obit 
 One might note he showed no signs of it whatsoever during his final  
performance, giving his all THAT'S a trouper.



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