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Sonny, that was as  honest and articulate a reply, explanation, and apology I 
have ever seen. I  commend you for being a man with enough back bone and 
integrity to make such an  effort. Everybody makes mistakes and we are all 
fallible. I wish I could react  with as much humbleness, and at the same time 
strength, as you just exhibited. 
         Playing the harp is a  thing you have to do with feeling, you got 
that down bro.
       Rock on my brutha
       BiscuitBoy Blues  
In a message dated 1/19/2008 11:00:54 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
SONNYTONE@xxxxxxx writes:

I am  very aware of the deep rooted anger that I have worked hard on,  
even I hate myself when I fire off something that will hurt anyone's   
feelings, amps or not. Out of 100 people I talk with or email, 99 of them  
have  had 
great experiences with the true me. However even that 1 out  of 100 is not  
acceptable. I have been taking certain steps and  realizing triggers, but it 
is  so 
deeply rooted in genetics I screw  up. Special 20, obviously I pissed you off 
and have no excuse. The  next step after you guys made my aware is that no 
post  will ever be  instantly sent. I have set a 12 hour limit, re-reading it 
make   sure it is appropriate. If you get me on the phone, you will always 
get a  gentle compassionate person who will not sell you what you  don't 
That's  all I can say, you don't need to know my life  history or health 
This is  about harp, and those will only be  the posts. I am Trying but when 
fail, the  whole world hears about  it, and I have lost business due to this, 
which is a lot  of pressure  when dealing with someone who is in a 
growing process,   as anger was so prevalent in my family. That is what I 
learned, it  MY  responsibility to push it down deeper. It will never leave, 
but it  
can be  controlled.  So I can only start from today and  hopefully at some 
point  will be forgiven by all those holding that  conversation or postings 
have so  many mad at me. 
Sincerely,  Sonny Jr. 

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