Re: [Harp-L] Hohner Hoodoo new wireless mic system

 $229 is too much. "Course I'm a cheap SOB. I like the way this thing looks  
though, and being wireless on the harp rules. Back in the day when I was still 
 drinkin,' I was playin' harp wireless at the bar with this nice lady sitting 
 there diggin' this day, how I ended up 
in  her back seat I do not know. 
             O  well, if ya can't laugh and have fun I don't want to do it, 
no matter what  it is. I really am grateful that I don't drink anymore though.
         Biscuitboy  Blues. 
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> This just in from the Winter NAMM  show:
> Hohner Hoodoo Hand Harmonica Wireless  Microphone
> System Features:
> Transmitter  
> Wireless mic system optimized for harmonica 
> Special   lavaliere mic tuned for harmonica
> ( "The patented Hoodoo Ring  Microphone is a tiny
> lavaliere mic that's  been 
> tweaked  to produce the low-fi, overdriven sound most
> blues players  crave,  
> while still being capable of producing  relatively
> clean output when the music or  
> your style  requires it."). 
> Unique Hoodoo Ring mic clips (2 sizes supplied)   
> Supports and enhances cupping techniques 
> Offers complete  freedom of  movement 
> Powered by 2 AA batteries 
>  Rechargeable battery jack  
> 3-position sensitivity switch  
> Bodypack dimensions: 2-5/8"W x 3-5/16"H x  7/8"D
> Receiver 
> UHF band dual-diversity receiver 
> Operates  at 630.200MHz  
> ¬" unbalanced output 
> XLR balanced output  
> 12V DC input (adapter  included) 
> Dual antennas 
>  Rotary front-panel volume knob 
> Indicator  lights for power,  antenna, normal and
> peak signal 
> Receiver dimensions:   9-1/4"W x 2"H x 4-1/2"D
> Includes molded case, accessory  pouch, 48" ¬" cable,
> 40" mic cable
> This came to  my mailbox via Musician's friend today.
> Here's the web  address:
>  -Wireless-System?sku=270969&src=3TP8AH
> Jeff  G
> Denver CO

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