[Harp-L] I'm considering selling my Kinder "Soulful" amp

No there is nothing wrong with it. I'm just thinking about a change. To date (as a result of working on a second child as per my girlfriend's wishes and my professional life as a Hospice R.N.) I haven't had the energy or funds to galvanize that harp amp "Taste Test"). There are both tunes (Death Letter and Temptation and the second part of Live Cuts) of me playing through the amp on my Myspace site and videos (Love me like a Man, Temptation, and, Way down in the Hole and the imbedded video with Number 9 train) within the video link on my Myspace site and on Youtube under the name: bigdennism (or probably dennis moriarty). All of these are utilizing the Soulful with a Thunderharp mike and some have some Maxon analog AD 999 added. Any talent or poverty thereof or crappy recording quality are on me. The price will be 1200 plus immediate shipping in the USA. As with the HarpKings there is a long wait for John to create these. I believe mine was the third or fourth behind Rod Piazza's first and is less than a year old. As I'm ambivalent about selling it I'm looking at this as a feeler about any interest here or on the Weber board. I'm unsure about whether I'll ebay it or sell it to Dennis Gruenling in the future if the interest isn't hot. Here's one of John. Kinder's original emails to me related to my amp: "The "Soulful" amp currently in production is available in “British Racing Green” wrap with a gold- sparkle grille. It is an "equivalent circuit" of our 6(4)x10 HarpKing (MidBass Cut, Presence, AFB, and UB controls internally preset), and it also has the feedback rejection capabilities of the HarpKing. The 2x10 speaker cabinet dimensions are (inches), 22.25 high x 16.25 wide x 10.00 deep at the bottom, tapering to 9.25 at the top with the speaker type being Eminence Legend 102-8K and total weight hovering around thirty-five pounds. The power output is 55 Watts RMS and is priced at USD $1495.00. This includes a high-grade cover and a One- Year Warranty." p.s There is a photo of it on my site.

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