[Harp-L] Re: Sonny Jr

I am very aware of the deep rooted anger that I have worked hard on,  however 
even I hate myself when I fire off something that will hurt anyone's  
feelings, amps or not. Out of 100 people I talk with or email, 99 of them have  had 
great experiences with the true me. However even that 1 out of 100 is not  
acceptable. I have been taking certain steps and realizing triggers, but it is  so 
deeply rooted in genetics I screw up. Special 20, obviously I pissed you off  
and have no excuse. The next step after you guys made my aware is that no 
post  will ever be instantly sent. I have set a 12 hour limit, re-reading it to 
make  sure it is appropriate. If you get me on the phone, you will always now 
get a  gentle compassionate person who will not sell you what you don't need. 
That's  all I can say, you don't need to know my life history or health issues. 
This is  about harp, and those will only be the posts. I am Trying but when I 
fail, the  whole world hears about it, and I have lost business due to this, 
which is a lot  of pressure when dealing with someone who is in a metamorphous 
growing process,  as anger was so prevalent in my family. That is what I 
learned, it MY  responsibility to push it down deeper. It will never leave, but it 
can be  controlled.  So I can only start from today and hopefully at some 
point  will be forgiven by all those holding that conversation or postings that 
have so  many mad at me. 
Sincerely, Sonny Jr. 

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