[Harp-L] Re: JFlash

After reconsidering as I was not in my right frame of mind through the  
surgeries, I spent over an hour and DID send him his manual I had to reconstruct  
from an amp I D/C 6 years ago. I will help ANY Sonny Jr owners, past or  
present. If you read my site, my customer service for life is included to the  
original buyer, the second and however many hands may have to wait, or I just  cant 
spend the same time but will give the answers they want. I lost the manual  
to the SJ2, so please dont ask for either for SJ1 or SJ2 , however I will try  
and explain everything to you. I field over 200 emails a day while trying to  
keep things running, but J you failed to mention I did make one for you. 

**************Start the year off right.  Easy ways to stay in shape.     

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