[Harp-L] Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 53, Issue 34 special 29

I will only comment on the amp and health situation. I had  every intention 
of D/C the 410, with hopes the Cruncher could cover all rooms. I  went back and 
forth and there is no replacing the overall sound of the 410 and  it will 
cover your situations. Each person number one saved $200 off the retail  special, 
and each was told I was continuing the amp. Health. I have worked in  the 
field of addiction for 15 years before all this, and I know the disease is  
carried by at least 20 million people, with many not even knowing it. Many  listers 
contacted me about different trials that were going on, asking questions  
about it, so to me it was a positive thing. Everything I have done I did to  
myself and don't want a drop of sympathy. I just talked to a SJ ower who  recently 
lost his left arm in an accident and had to sell his amp. Everyone has  
something, and just sometimes you need to talk to someone who has a number on  
their life span. Some gave me hope the medication worked for them, some just  
needed to talk. If you don't know what it feels like to be told you are going to  
die and then map out the gory details of how it will happen, then just stata  
When myself, Scott, or Brian, or any harp amp builder gets that email  where 
someone tells you your product changed their life, that's what keeps  me 
going. As are as medication, that was a joke, I don't take any as I  have hit my 
head against the wall and just said enough. I believe I have  posted many harp 
only related posts, I helped the guy who needed to  set up his bassman off 
list. SP20 you have some serious anger, I certainly  can't be the focus of it. 
Definitely will eat you up.  

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