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Sometimes ya just gotta take a step outside the rarified air and at times
obsessive compulsive "best of" chasing atmosphere of harp-l, in order to
realize that the rest of the world gets along just fine on minimal harp
content. Dylan, Mayall, etc..these guys don't do it quite like "the big
guys", but look at their success, in a well-rounded general kind of way. I'd
much rather have been as successful, as creative, as inspirational as Dylan,
having pretty much been a HUGE cog in the wheel of folk-oriented change, in
both music and the political arena. His songs just plain rocked my world,
where guys like Little Walter and James Cotton and the rest merely showed
off good harmonica with a vehicle of passable lyrics. Nothing
earth-shattering, to say the least. Just impressive.

Mayall,,whew,,just think what kind of talent came from his factory,,not just
harp, but solid blues..

Maybe we make too much of ourselves.

Sure,,I love playing harp,,but I also love playing guitar, cello, singing,
and music to me is an entire package, when done best. "The whole is more
than just the sum of its parts",,etc.

Not only do I love music, I also love dancing. I don't do much of it, but I
love watching. It just seems to fit, when the rhythm is right.

Bobby Darin, the "abysmal" harp player?


He's better than Gus.

One should hope that just once he or she might warrant the same degree of
seemingly cultic fascination as Mr. Darin did. Yeah, did you HEAR the vibes?
Talk about phrasing,,


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> If you do go watch the video,
> don't quit in disgust while Bobby's still playing harmonica.  Amazingly
> he's a very good vibraphone player.  What I don't quite understand is
> how someone who can play one instrument so well can think it's ok to
> play another one so abysmally.  Jackie Greene is another example of this
> phenomenon, great singer, fronts his band wonderfully more than adequate
>   guitar player and he's not so good at harmonica and he insists on
> playing one at shows.  Gets good house for it too.  Go figure.
> Enablers.  fjm
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