[Harp-L] Re: Harp Case

On Jan 16, 9:23 pm, "Jay Thompson" <jay....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Chuck, Tell us about the "homemade amp" seen in the pics above the case.
> Thanks,
> Jay

Hi Ron,  I ordered the pick and pluck foam from my local camera store.
It's the same stuff they use for camera cases.  I've also seen these
cases with the foam already in them , going for $20 -$30 on Ebay. I
think if you search for "hard sided aluminum cases", or similar, you
should find them.

Hey Jay, the amp is a 5F1 Champ clone chassis, housed in a 3/4" pine
cab with a 1/2" birch ply baffle.  The four x ten inch speakers are
Weber 10A100's.   Two speakers are ceramic, and two are alnico's.  One
alnico is smooth coned and one is ribbed cone.  The same configuration
for the ceramic cones.  Blending the sonic properties that each type
of speaker has,..... makes this amp sound great.  It's also very
light,  weighing in at under thirty pounds.  It sound's awesome with
both harp and guitar.  I haven't found the time lately to add thegrill
cloth or top backside panel, but when I do, I'll try to post some more
pics if you'd like.

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