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NOTHING beats the feeling of having done the footwork to find a great deal
on something, and saved a chunk of money. To me, that's better than having
"the right stuff", or the "best stuff". It's just GD INSPIRING when I bring
a little beat-up second hand tube amp to the party, and the band tells me
it's got "tone to die for", and it only cost me 75 bucks and a trade-in.

NOTHING makes a person feel good about him/herself more than the
gratification of having been resourceful, rather than just fallen prey to
sales bytes and consumerism, and a large chunk of change.

In a way, it's a way to keep one's dignity, in this day of escalating prices
and the falling value of a dollar.

And as far as "do it yourself", I come from that tradition, from my
involvement in amateur radio. No matter what, I just enjoy the learning
process you go through with any project. It's very rewarding, struggling
through decisions, choices, discoveries,,,etc. That's what life's all about,
in my opinion.

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

Franklin D. Roosevelt


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> Such ranting over the prices of elements and custom harp  amps.  If you
> really want something half ass it  yourself!  On the
subject of
> MICS...  I've bought a couple of mics off  of Ebay from builders that have
> mentioned previously in this listing as  having great reputations.  The
> in fact, were painted with  hammertone rustoleum with no clear coat over
> the elements were held in place  with pieces of cheap foam insulation, and
> soldered poorly.  The mics  shorted out, and actually broke (Astatic 200
chopped at
> the stem with some kind  of bondo stuff painted over it).  I ended up
> the elements out, which  were actually very good and soldering them into
> shells myself.  I  then bought an inline volume control (the best custom
> thing I've ever  bought) and put it on.  Wham.......I'm happy again and
> wiser.  A lot  of those custom builders have great feedback because people
> the feedback  right away.........not a month down the road when they've
had the
> mic short out,  paint flake off, or holes in the actual shell appear and
> volume pot fall  out.  On the subject of AMPS...  I've had quite a few in
> "quest"  for the great sound.  I can say with absolute certainty that an
> Stromberg-Carlson, Masco, Silvertone, or Gibson will sound as good if not
>  than these super expensive boutique amps.  All you have to do is read up
> little on the net as to what ciruitry, tubes, voltage, etc. gives an amp
> tone.....and you don't have to have a degree in electronics to half-way
> understand it.  Those guys are the ones who I say thanks to.....not
builders.  I
> currently have a Weber 5F6A  (bassman) kit.  I'm not going to name any
> builders here by name  (that would not be nice) but that kit amp built for
$900 with
> the NOS  tubes and speakers I put in absolutely tore up the other boutique
> amps.  I'm not bragging about the kit amp by any means.........I  just
> think these boutique or custom amps are all the hype they claim  nor
should you
> ever feel that you MUST have one.  You can do just as well  going other
>  I also have a mid fifties Stromberg-Carlson p.a. with  the speaker halves
> that separate, and a mid fifties Gibson Maestro with four  eights.  Those
> amps together complete cost less than one custom  amp.....and sound JUST
> GOOD or BETTER.  One last thing.........I bought  a custom harp amp one
> second hand.  It didn't come with a manual  explaining tube substitutions
or ohm
> settings for the speakers.  I wrote  the builder asking if I could buy
> manual.  I got a condescending  reply asking why they should help me out
> I did not buy the amp directly  from them in effect cutting them out of
> deal.  It was the weirdest  exchange I've ever been involved in over the
> Anyways.........I ended  up selling the amp after going the Weber kit
> (it sounded Waaayyy better  with no crazy builder to deal with).  The
funny part
> is.......the guy I  sold it to was going to buy a new one from the builder
> but found them to be such  an ass that they just bought mine instead.
> also the only thing I've  ever sold in which I had to let potential buyers
> that the builder was an  ass.  Anyways........take care.......and don't
get to
> googoo over the hype  of custom stuff.........
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