[Harp-L] Harp-Lers in Boston ?

I will be in Boston all of next week for a big work shindig, but I'm going out on Thursday night to a place called the Green Dragon Tavern adjacent to Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market. There's a band playing there at 9:30 and since they are friends of one of my colleagues, I might get to play.

Anyway, if any Harp-Lers from or in Boston on that day want to meet a harmonica friendly frog, that's as good a place as any. Let me know if you can make it !

Incidentally, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Jim Fitting, I'd love to interview him and/or see him play assuming plannings coincide. Don't hesitate to send me contact info by email if you have it.

All the best,


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