[Harp-L] Bassman RI tube swaps

Experiment with abandon with all your 12a_7 tubes. They're all  
interchangeable, to differing effect in different combinations. Grab one of  each, ( au, 
at, ay ) and start swapping. Sonny Jr's arrangement is great one,  even with the 
comparatively wimpier Bassman RI.
But yes, better quality tubes will make a huge difference. The Sovteks  are 
not so great, IMHO. I like the JJ Tubes, and if you go to the  website  
I hope the amp tech didn't charge you much for replacing 2 tubes.
Looks like you're still running too hot, with two 12ax7s in there. Damn  
things are made for guitars. One at the most will do, at the far right. I don't  
use any 12ax7s in mine. 
Be sure and write down your swaps as you do them, to keep straight which  
combinations you've tried.
Better yet, play the same harp line the same way with each new combination,  
and record and note them in order. something will catch your ear.
Jeff Gathercole
Denver CO  
In a message dated 1/17/2008 12:37:46 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,  
harp-l-request@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

It's  apparent that much has already been done (replacing the original SS 
rectifier  with the 5U4, and replacing one of the original 12Ax7's with an Ay7).  
 The power tubes and the 12AX7s are all Sovteks.  The 12AY7 is a  Marconi.

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