Re: [Harp-L] Amazing grace / harmopoint

thanks to Frank for supplying the link. Many fascinating things here. I must have listened to the Amazing Grace version here for 45 minutes. The animation is fascinating. It's dynamic tab. There is an animation of a 10 hole harmonica and as the song plays round coloured balls appear in the holes of the note being played. Yellow for blow notes and blue for draw. Bends are denoted by a smaller ball. For me it is a very intuitive interface. In the case of Amazing Grace there are actually 2 animations because the song is played by 2 harmonicas. You can turn either harmonica off and listen to just one version. If you spend some time on the site you'll find many more of these animations. What a Wonderful World for instance is tabbed out like this (JJ Milteau) . With many of the animations you can turn off the harmonica and play along with the accompaniment.

It's really a brilliant site. I have no idea who put it up there but it's just amazing. There is also a players gallery with snippets of songs and tabs plus youtube videos. Bart Leczycki's version of Mystery Train is amazing. The fluidity with which he plays at speed is to be admired. For the most unique version of Midnight Special you'll ever hear check out Mox Gowland's page in the gallery. Electric banjo and bass with Mox on vocals and harmonica. Mox's tab is a blues in F on a C harmonica.

Gruß, fjm

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