Re: [Harp-L] Boss OC-3 Octave pedal

Jason Ricci explains his rig on the following video:
he also mentions why you'll want an AC-2 for the compression thingy.

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Sonny22@xxxxxxx schrieb:

Was curious to see if anyone owns the OC-3 or has tried it and what their thoughts about it are. I'm looking into buying one both for the octave effect and sort of a compressor/preamp type thing. My mic is an EV-RE10...and the amp being a Blues Jr. modified for harp w/a vintage Jensen P12R...if that makes any difference.
Also, a very elementary question, but since I'm just begining w/effects, I'm do you run the mic through two effect pedals into the amp at the same time? In my case, it would be the OC-3 and the DD-3 delay.

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Austin Shifflett

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