[Harp-L] Re: Little George

Those are all great questions, and it took me 2 years of beating my head  and 
trying every tube configuration and talked with every engineer I know. In my  
manual that comes with the 410 I give ALL the information I know about the 
why,  how and what to expect when this tube is put here or there. If someone 
wants to  go through the time of telling him what each half of each tube does, as 
each of  preamps has two halves, so you are really talking about 6 functions. 
With the 3  tubes, and 4 possible tubes with different gain factors, there 
are 81 different  possibilities you could try. Your speakers are harsh, reissue 
Jensens IMO are  horrible, so I took my medication and will be nice and at 
least get you started.  Try this combination first:
12AY7   12AU7   12AT7. If  that is too soft, put a 12AX7 on far right, that 
is all you will need. If you  want a more compressed and overdriven sound and 
not be mushy, 12AU7   12AU7  12AX7.  This hype about the 12DY7 just never 
sounded right in  my amps. Good luck. Sonny Jr. 

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