[Harp-L] Sick of It

I build my own harp mics both as a necessity and because it is fun -
it is a hobby. I love to do it...in fact, I have fixed mics for
without even charging for a friend wh's an amazing harop player
(well, maybe I get a few good playing tips :-). I have repaired a Rod
Piazza and a Ruskin so far, and built several CMs for myself.

So I understand the frustration of the original poster who
complained, because prices have more than doubled in the past few
months alone. But he is both off point and off target! I agree with
everyone's response in general but want to add that the escalating
price of elements on eBay doesn't have anything to do with Sonny. The
prices have been skyrocketing like crazy for the last 6-9 months on
every element and shell even remotely associated with harp mics. Old
mics that sold for a few dollar just a few months ago, once
discovered to have CM's or even CR's, suddenly go for $200 or so. 

I make mics for my own use because I can't afford the prices of
custom CM's - and these days I can't even afford to bid on the
elements or even empty shells. It's gone insane from my perspective.
I have never even seen Sonny bid on an item I was after, sniped or
otherwise, because I am long gone by the time elements get to the
ionosphere. Sonny, as a pro, makes the very best mics for resale - I
don't doubt it! So he can afford those prices and pass the cost on to
his customer - and he makes like negligible profit. In fact, I
suspect he loses money if you value his time properly (like more than
minimum wage). He does this out oif his integrity - because a great
amp needs a great harp to get the most out of it, and he is committed
to his customers having only the best possible experience with his
equipment. I really respect that. I'd be doing the same thing if I
was him - sniping Sonny Jr's autctions - now that is something I am
looking forward to!!!

aka Raw Harp

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