[Harp-L] Harp Elements

To reiterate Aaron's point, I just wanted to chime in that, having worked
closely with Gary O/ Sonny Junior for over ten years, and having just
purchased one of his mics along with the Incredible Cruncher amp, his quest
for these elements is done in the best interest of his customers as he
wants them to have the best tone out there.  Any naysayers need to wake up
to the reality of the open market.  A good friend of mine has spent over
$300 on bad eBay elements.  Lots of these are listed as "I don't know
anything about these but when I plugged it in it seems to work fine".  Gary
takes a chance, AND a hit on too many of these elements and won't resell
the bad ones. I'm not happy about the price on these eBayed black label
mics and elements, but appreciate that if I buy one from someone with
integrity like Gary I'm going to get a great tested element, not somebody
elses lemon.  The creative among us know where to search for these
elements, but as awareness of value to harp players increases, any internet
saavy seller will put it out on eBay where, unfortunately, many Harpl-ers
are likely bidding against each other.

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