Re: [Harp-L] Recent Rick Estrin visit to Chile, what a nice guy!

Javier Argomedo escribió:
Dear friends,
I just wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had last weekend, one of the finest and greatest harmonica players was in town here in my country, Chile. Rick Estrin came with his band Little Charlie and the Nightcats, along with many other blues musicians (Melvin Taylor, Guitar Shorty, Lurrie Bell, etc). They gave a great show on stage as usual and were the main attraction, with all the amusing details, awesome soloes, cigar trick, etc, but what I enjoyed the most was to get together with Rick at his hotel for a lesson, man! what a lesson! four hours talking about harmonicas, pioneers of the bluesharp, listening to old recordings, digging into SBW (I and II) styles, had the master of the bluesharp tone right there, plus he showed me all his pasion for our little instrument, what an experience! thanks Rick!
Javier Argomedo a.k.a. diabluz
Rick Estrin will be in Argentina on February 29th. He shall not be performing with Little Charlie & The Nightcats, but with a local band. Flavio Guimaraes and Nicolas Smoljan will be the guest harp players.

Fernando Toral

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